Residential Design

In residential design, we emphasize the resident’s feelings. We would do the best to leave the most spatial possibilities to the resident. We think having a good atmosphere is more difficult than the design work. This is like the way we treat life . We put aside personal preferences and purposely blur too many definitions and personalities. We leave the most part to the resident, let them manage, let them use and let them grow with the space.

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Office Design

We take the time to listen to you so we can deliver exactly what you need. Our experienced team doesn’t let projects get bloated, keeping project scope firmly within set parameters. At the same time, we design flexibility directly into our designs and builds, limiting change orders while allowing projects to evolve with innovative solutions. We find as many opportunities as possible to minimize cost and speed up delivery time.

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Automobile Design

Car showrooms need to be located on highly visible sites with good access to main transport routes and an eye-catching frontage. Display of the car range is paramount and the layout and orientation of sites and display areas will have a major impact on sales. These considerations affect environmental control strategies, as not all buildings can be oriented to mitigate solar gain and heavily tinted solar control glass is not generally considered for the main façade.

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